Otmoor Riding Group

Welcome to the Otmoor Riding Group!


Would you consider helping with an occasional bridleway tidy, fund raising for path improvements or simply lending moral support to others?


Otmoor Riding Group – your local BHS-affiliated bridleways group.


Having fun and helping out!


Membership is just £10 per annum or £15 for a family membership. For further information please contact alexialewis@aol.com



Ragwort Warning!

Over recent years this poisonous plant has been growing prolifically in the area. The clusters of small yellow daisy-like flowers crowning tall stalks may look pretty, but this plant contains alkaloid toxins that cause cumulative liver damage and death in horses and other grazing animals.


The plant is classed as an injurious weed by DEFRA and needs to be controlled wherever it grows close to fields grazed by horses and other livestock, and even where it grows close to fields used for making hay and fodder, as it is still dangerous even when it is dead. Please be on the look out for this troublesome plant and make sure it is removed (wearing gloves and a face mask) or treated with an appropriate weed killer wherever it is near to livestock or hay fields (further information can be obtained from DEFRA or the British Horse Society).