SSEN Autumn Update 2020

As we once again find ourselves rapidly approaching what may be an especially challenging winter, I thought I would update you on what SSEN can help with to prepare your parish for bad weather and especially power cuts.


We are keen to promote that the most vulnerable members of your parish are covered by our Priority Services Register (which is free of charge) and any existing members have updated any new or additional information they may now have. Making sure everyone that may need our help or reassurance during a sustained power cut is important to us, as our customers are at the heart of everything we do.


In a nutshell, those on the register will be kept informed during a power cut so they know when they can expect the power back on. We can assist in keeping them calm throughout a prolonged outage and provide hot water and drinks if necessary. And if an electricity supply is medically crucial, we will endeavour to provide a small generator to that individual.


In addition, we would like to refresh memories on the 105 number to report a power cut, and also our Power Track App, so anyone with a smart phone can log and track a power cut. We have found that not knowing how long a power outage will last can be a cause for concern. The App is continually updated to advise of the estimated time of power restoration. We also want to recommend that all residents have either a mobile phone, or a basic analogue home phone, as modern house phones that are plugged into an electrical socket do not work at all during a power cut and can leave people feeling very vulnerable.


Simon Olliffe

Customer & Community Advisor – Ridgeway

T: 07584 011166

E: simon.olliffe@sse.com

1 Woodstock Road, Yarnton, Oxford, OX5 1NY


Meeting date: 
Wednesday, October 14, 2020


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