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Message from Thames Valley Police regarding the Closure of the Village Playing Field

It has come to our attention that there have been issues in Horton Cum Studley and potential breaches of the governments Covid-19 legislation.


I am by no way intending to give a lecture or patronise anyone however it is all our responsibly to work together to abide by the requirements laid out if we are to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.


Horton-cum-Studley like the village that I live in have temporarily closed off playgrounds and sporting facilities whereas its infuriating, it is necessary.


I have been contacted by a resident who advised me that the Village Halm Children’s playground and sporting facilities have all been temporarily closed. However, more recently the closure sign has been removed there have been cases of people walking across the field, sporting facilities being used and children cycling.


The Governments advice on access to open spaces can be accessed by this hyperlink


I know that the vast majority of people in Horton-cum-Studley are abiding by the regulations and collectively if everyone else does the same normality will resume as normal sooner rather than later.


If anyone notices people outside of the village driving to Horton cum Studley to exercise and you believe that they are in breach of the Covid-19 regulations please inform us over Thames Valley Police website passing their car registration.

There is a link on the website where incidents can be reported.


PC David Scott

Meeting date: 
Monday, May 11, 2020