How to contribute to our new website

The  new website is ready and waiting for your contributions and, unlike the previous site, you can now add your contribution directly to the site. You can contribute Articles, News items, Forum topics and Events. You can suggest new topics for discussion in the various Forums on the site. You can also add your Comments to forum topics and to various other of the content on the site.

Guidance on how to request a user account so that you can add content and how to add your content is given in the article Using the site: Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers on the Help page.

Just a reminder: We have added a review step for all new content that is added to the site to ensure that we keep the level of quality we want. This means that the new item you have added won't appear on the site immediately. However, once the review has been completed, your new contribution will appear on the site where our Content Manager thinks it is best to appear.

Now, over to you to make your contribution of information that will be useful to you friends and neighbours in the village! We want our website to be lively and active. Please help by contributing.