Council minutes

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Meeting date: 
Thursday, July 20, 2017
Additional meeting notes: 

Horton-cum-Studley Parish Council


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council

held on Thursday 20 July 2017 at 7.30pm

In the Millennium Hall



Sarah Foxcroft (Chair), Barbara Jewell (Vice Chair), Andrew Payne, David Prosser, Cllr Tim Hallchurch and Alexia Lewis (Clerk). Andrew Madigan and Stuart Baker from Oxfordshire Highways attended for item 2. Five members of the public attended.





Apologies were received from Colin Badger and Cllr Dan Sames.


Horton Mile Repairs


Andrew Madigan and Stuart Baker from Oxfordshire Highways outlined the repair works along the Horton Mile due to start on 7 August for approximately 6 weeks. Works will involve reconstructing the failed road edges, improving drainage and resurfacing the carriageway. Work will be carried out in two phases under a road closure, this is to maintain access to Studley Wood Golf Club; Phase one – Woodperry Hill to the Golf Club and phase two – Golf Club to Horton Hill. There will be complete read closure and diversions to and from the village will be via Stanton St John and the diversion map is available on the village website:






Public Participation:


Parishioners raised the issue of the significant increase in the volume of traffic and the speed of traffic through the village and along Horton Mile up to Woodperry Hill. Concerns were raised that once the Mile is repaired, the traffic speed will increase. Requests were made for a reduction in the speed limit in the village and on Horton Mile/Woodperry Hill.


The Chair advised that the Parish Council had recently installed a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) which parishioners had reported had helped reduce speeding traffic along the Brill Road. She also reported that at the Annual Parish Meeting in June, it was agreed to purchase a second VAS to be sited intermittently along the Oakley Road and Horton Hill.


The Chair also advised that the Committee had previously requested a reduction in the speed limit along the Horton Mile but this had been turned down as the location did not fulfil the criteria; i.e. no serious traffic accidents on this section of road.


Mrs Jewell had set up a village speed watch scheme but still did not have enough volunteers to run the scheme effectively Parishioners are urged to contact Mrs Jewell if they are concerned about speeding traffic and would like to help.


Following some dicsussion, the Committee agreed to make a formal request of Oxfordshire Highways to reduce the speed limit within the village from 30 mph to 20 mph, and from 60 mph to 50 mph along the Horton Mile to Woodperry Hill. This would on the grounds of safety.


It was also agreed to advise Oxfordshire Highways that there is a caution sign ‘cars in the middle of the road’ on Woodperry Hill, which would indicate that this road would benefit from a reduction in the speed limit.



Minutes of the last meeting 15 June 2017 were approved.  



Councillors’ Reports



District Councillor: Cllr Tim Hallchurch noted that during his office as a County Councillor, he had successfully helped some villages implement a reduction in the speed limit due to an increase in volume of speeding traffic. It was agreed to ask Cllr Dam Sames to support our speed reduction request.


He also reported that several local parish councils had upped their number of parish councillors. The Chair replied that unfortunately it had become increasingly difficult to fill vacant positions within the various village committees.


Cllr Hallchurch also requested that he be copied in on the Parish Council’s planning responses. The Clerk advised that all planning decisions made by the Committee were available via the Parish Council minutes.



Police, Speed Watch, Bus Scheme:  Item 3 refers. 



Almshouses: Colin Badger sent his apologies.



Church: Andrew Payne advised that the 150th anniversary celebrations had gone very well.



Millennium Hall Committee: Sarah Foxcroft reported that the Committee is still looking for a volunteer to act as bookings clerk for the village hall, and in the mean time, Committee members were taking it in turn to look after bookings.  She advised that the committee had agreed to purchase a new website.  


Sarah Foxcroft also reported that Oxfordshire Highways had agreed to pay rent of £1500 to site their portacabin at the bottom of the playing field during the road repairs.



Roads, Signs, Footpaths and Grass Cutting:   David Prosser advised that there was nothing to report. It was agreed that the verges did not need cutting yet.



Finance: The following invoices were approved for payment:







Edward Hawes grass cutting June 2017 £360 and Ady Podbery grass cutting June £412.80


The Committee noted the audit request to submit a bank reconciliation, and to confirm the period of the audit.


The Committee agreed that the Parish Council should apply for a Transparency Code grant from Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils to purchase a PC and scanner in order to comply with the Smaller Authorities Transparency Code 2015.
















Planning: The Committee reviewed the following planning applications and agreed a response as follows:


N17/01221/F White Gate: Agricultural Pole Barn. The Committee raised no objections and observed that there should be no future development of the barn into a residential dwelling.


17/01063/F & 17/01064/LB Merriemakers: Re-route electrical supply, demolish coal bunker and replace porch. The Committee raised no objections.


17/0128412/LB Almshouses: Replacement of paving finishes, below ground services repair & replacement and external fabric repairs. The Committee raised no objections.


16/01539/F Studley Wood Golf Club. Change of use of part of golf course (woodland) to natural burial site with associated buildings including ceremonial building and administration building and proposed pro shop and office and conversion of existing function room to staff flat at golf club. Re submission of 15/01539/F. The Committee raised objections based on the size and scale of the proposed development within the Green Belt.






Parish Newsletters: n/a.






















The Forge: A letter was received from a parishioner regarding ownership and parking on the common land at the Forge. The Chair and Clerk have reviewed the documents from the land registry and confirm the Forge owns the land and the concrete apron. The Parish Council has stewardship of the common land. The PC has agreed that the electricity pole can be moved, and is concerned that no cars are allowed to park on the common land. If necessary, it was agreed to discuss the installation of a no parking sign. A parishioner suggested that a bench on the common land would be beneficial.


Village Website: Mrs Jewell reported that a number of parishioners could not access the village website. The Clerk advised that the web address is: To add content to the website, parishioners need to request a login via the website. The website works best in Chrome, rather than Internet Explorer. Parishioners do not need a login to view the website.


To contact the Clerk or any member of the Parish Council, please email:


Future Agenda Items:   Reduction in speed restrictions; solar panel VAS.



Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 14 September 2017 at 7.30pm in the Millennium Hall.





Signed:      _________________________                    Sarah Foxcroft, Chair                    Date: ___________