Parish Council - Introduction

Parish Councils are local authorities as defined in the Local Government Act 1972, section 270. They are corporate bodies, and membership is by election for four years. The number of Councillors is determined by the size of the electoral roll of the parish. Councillors are unpaid volunteers and members of the local community. The Council has the power to co-opt members of the public on to the Council, in which case they may serve until the next Council elections.


Parish Councils are also able to appoint a Clerk who is an employed member of the Council. Clerks may not take decisions binding on the Council, except where specific matters have been delegated to them either by statute or by the Council.


The Parish Council meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7.30pm in the Millennium Hall. All parishioners are very welcome to attend.


From April 2020 to 6 May 2021 all Parish Council meetings have been held online during the Covid 19 pandemic. With the easing of lockdown the Parish Council will start to meet face to face on a quarterly basis with the first face to face meeting proposed on 8th July 2021 at 7.30pm. The Parish Council proposes to meet virtually on a monthly basis in between these meetings. Please contact if you would like to attend a virtual meeting.


The Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual General Meeting are on held on the second Thursday in May. All parishioners are encouraged to attend.


Horton cum Studley Parish Councillors are:


Sarah Foxcroft Chair, representative for Roads and footpaths.
David Slingo Vice Chair, responsible for General Data Protection Regulation, Emergency Planning.
Colin Badger Councillor, responsible for Grass Cutting.
Barbara Jewell Councillor, responsible for the Millennium Hall, Police and WI.
Andrew Payne Councillor, responsible for the Church and Almshouses.


District Coucillors

Cllr Tim Hallchurch 

Cllr David Hughes   

Cllr Simon Holland  


County Councillor

Cllr Calum Miller                  


If you wish to get in touch with the Parish Council then please do so through the Parish Clerk who can be contected  by email at

The Parish Council Minutes and agenda are available in the table on the right of this page.



Parish Council Agendas & Minutes

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Council agenda 13 Jan 2022
Council agenda 09 Dec 2021
Council minutes 09 Dec 2021
Council agenda 11 Nov 2021
Council agenda 11 Nov 2021
Council minutes 11 Nov 2021
Council agenda 14 Oct 2021
Council minutes 14 Oct 2021
Council agenda 09 Sep 2021
Council minutes 09 Sep 2021
Council agenda 08 Jul 2021
Council minutes 08 Jul 2021

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